Free Wellbeing event – Tues 14th April

Yoga, Meditation, stress

This event is being run by one of our fellow Big Local partners, Hope Community Acupuncture Centre, and would benefit anyone who wants to take more responsibility for their wellbeing. More details and how to book are below…

How to Enjoy Health & Introductory Yoga -FREE EVENT, Tuesday 14th April 2015 4 -6 PM

Dr Sukhdev Singh & Dr Rhonda Lee will be exploring how we can make maximise our health, both physical and mental. This will be followed by an introductory taster session to yoga and breathing techniques to aid health promotion.

This event will be useful for anyone interested in improving their own and their family’s health & well-being.

Dr Singh (Consultant Gastroenterologist) & Dr Lee (Holistic Physician) are both strong advocates of health prevention, and the promotion of health & wellbeing.

Venue: Hope Community Acupuncture Centre, United Reform Church, 13 Wilton Road, Handsworth, B20 3RX

To register for the event contact Dr Rhonda Lee on  Tel: 07810 024687 or email:



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