Christmas Event – Wed 10th Dec, 4-6pm, 2014

Wed 10th Dec 4-6pm is nearly here and the date marks our Christmas celebration at the Allotment Pavilion. We hope to see you there, please feel free to invite anyone you think may like it!

We will be making clove scented oranges, homemade Christmas Cards and finishing off the mosaic pavers we started at our Autumn Event with Lizzy Bean, so there are lots of free crafts activities for all ages.

And you can eat some of this prize Pumpkin – donated to us by one of the plotholders – as it is being turned into delicious soup as we write this! You can see how we tackled the prize pumpkin with the help of a saw, to break it down into manageable sections.

We saved the seeds and we will be distributing seedlings from this mother plant in the Spring for local people to grow on at home. We ended up with some spare hunks of Pumpkin, come along on the 10th and you could go home with a piece and a cookbook that will give you ideas of what you can do with it, all for a bargain price!

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