We’ve found the plot – Wed 15th Jan 2014

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Today was our first day back on the plot this year and we started off with a walk about to see what had happened since we broke up for Xmas. There’s been a lot of wind and rain, to say the least, so it was not totally surprising to find Sidney the Scarecrow flat on his back and that the plastic cover on the mini greenhouse has been shredded from the effects of wind rubbing it on brambles. Inside the shed is a mess, but we can’t blame that on the weather, so we need a big sort out and re-organisation of our storage – another one for the To Do list.

It was quite a mild day and pleasant to be outside so we did a bit of light digging and weeding. One of the tasks we tackled was moving some of the herbs while they are dormant, from their temporary home near the shed, to put them in our new formal herb garden, which looks much better now it is part populated. We moved Tarragon, Rosemary, Thyme, Chives, Bay and Sage and we want to continue to build up more varieties and examples of different herbs . If anyone has anything they can spare we’d be grateful and once they are establised we’ll share some photos.

We were also able to do some harvesting and we took some Sage leaves for tea (good for colds we are told), a head of garlic that had been hung in the shed, we dug up some of our Horseradish to make a sauce out of and lifted few of our Jerusalem Artichokes plants for a soup we’ll be making next week. So despite a barren looking scene, there are still things to be had at this time of year and we also enjoyed some good fresh air and a few rays of sun to cheer us on!


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