Wed 23rd Oct – Please Don’t…

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As a result of smoke from allotment fires blowing into their playground, we asked children from the Holy Trinity Primary school to do some posters to help us get the message across to plotholders that this is a problem and how to avoid it.
There are set rules about when fires can take place on our allotment site (Oct 1st – March 31st ) and even then they are supposed to be only for burning organic materials or more specifically, diseased plant material. There is an occasional probIem with smoke from fires adversely affecting neighbours and we have even (rarely) found some people burning non-organic materials on their fires, creating air pollution. Anyone who does this is usually asked to stop by other plotholders if they are in the vicinity.
The proximity of Holy Trinity Primary School, (originally built on the same bit of land as the allotments) means that they are badly affected by the smoke from people’s fires. The main issue is when the children and in the playground and although technically you are allowed to have fire at that time (!) we are trying to get everyone to only light them at weekends or when the children have gone home for the day.
What a great set of posters the pupils came up with, the nice thing being that they manage to convey the message in a friendly way. The bonus for us is that we get a set of their cheerful artwork to enjoy, as we have laminated them and put them up round the site for all to see!

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