Wed 1st May – Make Your Own Relishes

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In the first of two sessions Rachel from Cuffufle, who makes a sells relishes, preserves and cordials all created using natural (and mainly local) ingredients, came to share her knowledge and lead a relish making workshop. Parents from Holy Trinity School and drop-in guests made up the participants and it started with Rachel talking about how she had got into making her own produce and her journey into selling them at farmer’s markets and establishing Cuffufle as a business.

We tasted some of her stock, such as Raspberry Vinegar, which was good enough to take a neat sip! Next was the chopping up of all the ingredients, we started with 250g fresh tomatoes, finely chopped, followed by a small red onion and three mild chillies (optional), all finely chopped and mixed together in a bowl. Next to be added was a bunch of coriander, a good dash of freshly squeezed lime juice, 1 tbsp of water and salt and pepper to taste. Mixed together in a bowl and served fresh this was a lovely, zingy and very easy to make dish that would be ideal to share with friends alongside other dishes.

The other thing we made was a quick and simple Coleslaw, using half a white cabbage, two carrots and half an onion, all finely chopped or preferably grated on a course setting. We added grated celeriac (optional) and eight table spoons of Mayonnaise – but for a healthier version you can use six tablespoons of plain yoghurt and half a teaspoon of Dijon Mustard and add a little mayonnaise to taste if desired. In fact you can experiment and add various quantities of vegetables and herbs and spices to both of these recipes to find one that is just right for you.

Participants took home samples of the relishes and recipe sheets and we also did a taste test comparing home-made produce with similar items brought from the supermarket – but more on that in next weeks write-up! Thanks to Midland Heart and Keepmoat plc for the Environmental Gold Award grant that helped us run these sessions and to Rachel for her enthusiasm.


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