Wed 27th March – Wanted, no more snow!!

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We’ve had a few weeks recently where we really couldn’t do anything outside and today was another one of those days! Having snowed (again!) late last week, the white blanket is slowly retreating, but it’s still very cold and icy. Went out on an inspection tour and took a few photos around the site, some of what is underneath the snow is starting to peep out. Come on Spring!

We started work on an illustrated wish list for things we want to do on the allotment this year, stuff like visits to other growing projects and gardens, creating a wild life area and making raised beds for our salad crops. We also did some cooking today and produced a really nice, quick and easy Tomato and White Bean soup, which warmed everyone up with some brown bread and butter.

And we put up our new hand painted sign, well, more of a work of art really! Credit is due to one of our more artistic participants. This should be eye-catching enough to advertise what we do and we’ll see if anyone wants to take up our offer to help ‘Grow Veg’.


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