Thurs 14th Mar – Sowing Seeds in Stechford


A couple of us went to a Sowing New Seeds event at a church hall in Stechford to find out what it is all about and we had a fascinating time! We met lots of interesting people who are doing community food growing projects across the city. Amongst them was early community allotment pioneer Eunice McGhie-Belgrave MBE from Shades of Black who is a real inspiration. At the end of the day we went to see her nearby plot, where we all planted some Haloon to take take home with us and where this picture was taken (Eunice; far right).

We learnt a lot from Anton Rosenfeld who is from Garden Organic and who runs the Sowing New Seeds scheme. We found out that there are lots of interesting and exotic non-native crops you can grow here, if you know how like Chick Peas, Calaloo, Lablab and Sweet Potatoes. We tasted some of them for lunch, including Yard Long Beans and we ended up with a load of seed packets and some info on how to look after them. We hope to add some of these crops to the list of things that we grow this year and to learn how to save seed, so we can pass them on to others.


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