Wed 16th Jan – When Jack met Sidney

Another very cold day on the allotment! The ground was solid and there was little we could do outside except put up some signage for our forthcoming litter pick and have a look around. It was quiet on the allotments, with no-one else around. Except a fox we spotted on the other side of the site in long grass, but it scarpered when it heard us.

Jack Frost had been to visit and everything was covered in a layer of heavy frost, giving it a magic quality. This was classic Hoar frost. According to Wikipedia;

“The name hoar comes from an Old English adjective for showing signs of old age, and is used in this context in reference to the frost which makes trees and bushes look like white hair. It may also have association with hawthorn when covered in its characteristic white spring blossom. Conditions are ideal for the formation of hoarfrost on cold clear nights, with a very light wind. Wind that is too abrupt will destroy the crystals”.

Well it certainly made everything beautiful. We covered the Rhubarb to force some early growth, the Garlic (that we planted at the start of November) was happy as it positively likes a cold spell and the Bay tree had a lovely dusting, as did all of the spider’s webs round the site. Sidney the Scarecrow has got his winter hat on, so he’s fine!


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