Wed 19th Dec – the smell of Christmas!


Today was our final session for 2012. What a year, we’ve grown great crops of sweetcorn, pumpkins and cucumbers, not to mention courgettes, runner beans and rhubarb! We’ve involved dozens of people in growing food, with all the benefits of working outside on the allotments. We’ve run an incredibly successful Harvest Festival community event where visitors enjoyed our Pumpkin Soup and took away fresh vegetables for their tables. We’ve involved schools, hostels, allotment holders and people from the neighbourhood and we’ve created partnerships with organisations like Midland Heart, Edible Eastside and Food Forest Brum. We’ve rounded up stray dogs, led art classes painting flowers and plants, been on canal-side walks and eaten Nettle Soup. And next year we hope to do a lot more, starting the year with a community  litter pick and planting some more fruit trees in partnership with Holy Trinity School.

To celebrate we got out our album of photos, reminding ourselves of the Summer months, and as it was cold and wet we stayed in to eat home-made Pumpkin Soup (this time with chilli and spices) garnished with dry roasted pumpkin seeds and creme fraiche, accompanied by Hula Hoops and French Bread! We also had a home-made Jamaican style dark sponge cake, so moist and delicious! Everyone made decorations with Oranges and Cloves to take home with them and release those lovely aromatic smells all over the Christmas period!

From all of us here at Livingstone Road Community Allotment we wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year and lets look forward to an abundant 2013.


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