Wed 14th Nov – Grow More Veg

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As part of our Small Grants award from Keepmoat plc and Midland Heart we’ve had a couple of sessions with artist Lizzy Bean who worked with participants to create a community collage for the Pavilion where we meet. On the day of the Harvest Festival we set up a table of art materials and Lizzy worked with all comers, making vegetables out of paper to stick onto the big blue background. Strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, sunflowers and even bananas made it onto the collage. Lots of children took part and much fun was had!

After such a busy session we decided the collage needed something more, to give out a message and someone suggested ‘Grow More Veg’ which we all liked as it was totally to the point! So in the following week’s session a group of adults created the letters out of collaged materials, incorporating more vegetable imagery. That really finished it off nicely and ‘Grow More Veg’ has become a sort of motto for us and anyone who uses the Pavilion can see it when they come in. Thanks to Lizzy and everyone who took part for this great new piece of artwork.


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