Harvest Festival Community Event – a great day!

Lots of people came to our Harvest Festival event on Nov 3rd, including children from Holy Trinity School, local residents, plot holders from the allotment and friends and family –  a really good mix! Luckily the day was bright and stayed dry, despite being a bit cold. To warm us up we had a big pot of Caribbean style Pumpkin Soup, home made pakora and a selection of lovely cakes! Accompanying the soup were dozens of freshly baked bread rolls made in the Earth Oven at Edible Eastside courtesy of Lizzy Bean, who was also running craft workshops.

Pumpkins were the theme of the day and as well as displaying a wheel barrow load from our plot, which we distributed to visitors for donations, we also had a ‘Heaviest Pumpkin Competition’. First, second and third place all won a prize! Next year we are planning a Summer event with more vegetable competitions, so take note if you are a grower!

Our ‘litter pick’ planned for the end of January 2013 attracted lots of interest and we now have a list of people who have signed up to take part. On the day we did tours of our allotment plot, not too much to see as nearly everything has been harvested or  is dormant, but it did give us the chance to get a great photo with Hendrina Quinnen (Lozells & East Handsworth Councillor) and Ashok Patel from Midland Heart (who were a key partner on the event) along with volunteers and visitors.

A great time was had by everyone, many families went home with freshly picked vegetables and the art displays and photos of our year on the allotment were popular. Taking down the bunting and packing up the tables and chairs left us tired but inspired! A bigger event next year with more people and more to see and do is on the horizon! Thanks to everyone who came along and contributed!


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