Tues 30th Oct – Potato Typesetting

On Tues Oct 30th artist’s agency Redhawk Logistica took their Potato Typesetting set into Holy Trinity School. All twenty six letters of the alphabet were carefully carved from a bag of spuds. Redhawk worked with a whole class of children who had taken a tour of the allotments a few weeks earlier and done some life painting of a display of vegetables we had grown. We asked the children to think of things they remembered from their visit, what had stood out to them and what did they like about the experience?

After writing down what they wanted to say, they then chose the colour of paper they wanted to print onto. The pale green poster paint that they printed with is a constant element that reacts differently depending on what colour background it is on. Their creativity and individuality really shows through in how they have set out their words on the page. For some it was a challenge to find all the letters and to get their spelling right and they all did brilliantly as you can see from this slideshow of some of their work.

We did a display at the Pavilion during our Harvest Festival event, mixing their still life vegetable paintings with their printed words, to create a powerful feature that captured some of their favourite things about the allotments and quite a few of them came along on the day bringing their families with them!


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