Wed 3rd Oct – Eating very fresh sweetcorn!

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Today we tested out our new camping stoves – purchased as part of our Gold Award from the Small Environmental Grants Scheme – so we can make herbal tea infusions on the plot and have tasting sessions with our own produce as part of the community sessions we run.

We were told the best way to eat sweetcorn is to have a pan of water boiling ready before you pick it, so you can literally throw the fresh cobs in immediately and be eating it in under 10 minutes! Fresh sweetcorn kernels are full of sugar, but after harvesting the sugar starts turning to starch within minutes, in order to eat it at it’s absolute best, speed is of the essence.

If you peel back the foilage covering the husk and squeeze a kernel, the liquid that comes out should be translucent and milky, not watery (under-ripe) or opaque (over-ripe), although sometimes the kernels at the top of the cob aren’t very plump giving the impression they are not ready, but check them lower down and if the ‘silks’ coming out of the top of the cob are dry and dark brown this another indicator of ripeness.

You can eat the corn kernels raw – ultra fresh – in salads – cutting them off the cobs along the length with a sharp knife. We dropped ours into a large pan of boiling water for 4-5 minutes and then added some pepper and a little butter and ate them still steaming! Delicious and one of the wonderful benefits of growing your own food.


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