Wed 15th Aug – Sowing Seeds

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It was distinctly cloudy weather to start with and it rained just as we all met up, so we nearly stayed in to make the scarecrow, but someone pointed out there weren’t many crows around anyway and then it stopped raining, so we trooped down to the plot.

We had a Shark Fin Melon to plant, kindly donated to us by someone who is part of the Sowing New Seeds project.  Still short of space to plant new things generally and specifically a nice bed to put our salad crops in – we need to prepare more weed free, raked areas of fine soil, which is not a popular task! We did manage to put in some beetroot seedlings where we has taken out the Broad Beans that had finished. It is wet and warm there are some impressively large slugs on the prowl, so fingers crossed that at least some of our plants are still there next week.

The rain really started coming down with a vengeance in the afternoon so it gave a bit of enforced time in the shed, a chance to plant a few more seeds to put in the greenhouse to germinate, some Chard (in five different colours) and Long White Radishes – as well as regular ones. We picked our first courgettes this week, half a dozen in small , medium and large sizes, the largest appeared to have grown that  big in a week, not noticed last week and we were waved goodbye by sunflowers and a bit of sun came at last!



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