Wed 8th Aug AM – Planting AND Harvesting

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When the group turned up we went out onto the plot and planted Callaloo (given to us as plugs)  and put in the last few Rocket and some Kohl Rabi plants from our mini greenhouse that we grew from seed (some were eaten in there by slugs and snails, so we only ended up with about half a dozen).  Got some of the group doing weeding and even digging over grassy areas to put them back into cultivation. The Runner Beans, Sweetcorn and Courgette plants are all doing nicely, though lots of sun is needed for corn, so well have to wait and see about that one.

We had a few Broad Beans to harvest – which are a different colour to the usual ones and that put a few people off! The Sunflowers were looking beautiful and the Marigolds while coming out in an amazing orange colour are getting huge and seem to be very prolific elsewhere – best kept in check it seems, so some will be coming out from their companion planting positions alongside the tomatoes. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and we put in a few rows of Leeks given to us by a neighbour, ‘if they don’t grow big, use them small and sweet’ he said.


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