What are we going to grow?

We asked the group what they wanted to grow and planted lots more seeds after most of the first batch failed in the clubhouse as they were too wet and didn’t get enough light.  We turned the tables into potting tables once more and got busy sewing Peppers, Tomatoes (3 varieties), Basil, Courgettes, Cabbage, Broccoli and Spring Onions. We also bought some plants locally in the first week of May from someone who has a heated greenhouse and got this lovely tray of Sweetcorn (top picture) as well as a few other tender young plants like Cucumber, Squash and Tomato.

The good news was that one of the hostels we are working with has a greenhouse and were happy for us to use part of it, so we could get this second batch of seedlings started. But now the danger was under-watering as it was very warm and dry in there and we had to rely on the participants to remember to water them in between our weekly sessions. This tray of peppers (above) was then transferred to our new plastic mini greenhouse at the allotment site. This has proved a good little place to harden off some of the greenhouse grown plants and to grow-on some of the others, so they get bigger and have a better chance of success when they go onto the plot.


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