Herbs and more

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At the end of May we planted out a basic herb bed near to the shed where we tend to sit out, ideally we’d like to create a more formal section for herbs but we are not ready to do that yet. We started off with Lemon Balm and Oregano that we had been given and we’ve added a few more things since them like Mint (donated by our next door but one neighbour) and Thyme (donated by our next door neighbour) and Lavender (from the garden centre). We planted out some Basil that we grew from seed which is not doing that well due to slug attacks, we’ve tried putting some Copper plants tags around the base of the plants to ward off slugs, but it doesn’t seem to have made too much difference. By comparison, some of the same Basil plants that we left in the open greenhouse are doing really well – though we still have to guard against slugs and snails as they love Basil too.

Later on we created some simple wooden edging for a set of herbs running across the width of the plot, in the absence of a formal herb garden we might do a few more of these small herb area, punctuating the plot. In the first one we put Tarragon and Chives, Rosemary, Bay, Sage and Tyme. They are planted through a weed-proof membrane with a sprinkling of bark chippings on top to create a bit of a path to access the herbs when they all grow up a bit.

In mid June we set up a bamboo trellis and planted our Runner Beans up it, some bamboo wig-wams for Peas, four Courgette plants that we grew from seed and some more tomato plants that we had also grown from seed went out too. We are getting some really hot days so the new planting needs to be watered in and we need to keep an eye on them so they don’t dry out and we also sprinkled some chicken manure pellets on the surface for some of the hungry crops to give them a boost!


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