Getting started…

Seems like an age ago when the weather was good enough for us to start cultivating the plot after the winter lay off. We have lots of weeds to contend with, worst of all the dreaded Mare’s Tail (correctly known as Horsetail), which doesn’t look much to start with, but relentlessly keeps coming. Thank goodness for the Rhubarb (to the left of the picture), one of the few plants already on the plot, so easy to grow and it just keeps giving its aromatic stalks, which are lovely stewed with ginger and brown sugar.

Before we got the mini greenhouse we  had to start our seeds off in the allotment clubhouse. We lost quite a lot to over-watering (it seems everyone was keeping them topped up!), some went leggy due to the lack of available light, but a few made it to be planted out, like these Pumpkin seedlings (pictured). We also started off Tomatoes, Sweetcorn and Courgettes in there. A shopping trip kick-started our planting plan, with Garlic bulbs, Red Onions and dry root Horseradish as well as some basic supplies like string, seeds trays and chicken manure pellets to keep those hungry plants happy.

In early April it was still cold and wet and rather hard to try to entice participants outside when the clubhouse was relatively cosy and dry. So we started off by planting some flowers in old tyres and some climbing roses outside the clubhouse, as a transition towards the wild plot that needed taming!


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